自由放任  zì yóu fàng rèn 自由放任的意思和解释: 不加约束,任它自由发展。 自由放任的出处 自由放任的例子 自由放任造句
  • 凯恩斯革命是对自由放任的革命。
    Keynesia revolution is the revolution to allowing unrestrained freedom.
  • 在我国历史上屡见不鲜的自由放任主义原则。
    That doctrine of laissez faire which so often in our history.
  • 布朗说,自由放任政策大行其道的日子已经过去。
    'Laissez-faire has had its day, ' Mr. Brown said in the interview.
  • 所有这一切,都是对“自由放任”模式的重要修改。
    All these are vital modifications to the laissez-faire model.
  • 它再也不是里根经济政策或者自由放任的资本主义。
    S. history. It is no longer Reaganomics or laissez faire capitalism.
  • 一种着重自由放任自由市场和金本位的经济理论。
    An economic theory in favor of laissez-faire, the free market, and the gold standard.
  • 自由放任政策导致经济活动的增加,但也促进了进口的增长。
    Laissez-faire policy result in increase economic activity, but contribute to a rise in import.
  • 和巴斯夏一样,萨伊也是积极为自由放任和工业革命辩护的人。
    He was a defender of laissez-faire and the industrial revolution, as was Bastiat.
  • 你不必要达到许多标准也能建立一个学校,这似乎成了一个自由放任的政策。
    You don't have to meet a lot of standards to be aid to set up as a school.
  • 这一新的自由放任的环境,已经成为一个重要的驱动,在国际化的中国当代艺术。
    This new laissez-faire environment has been a major driver in the internationalization of Chinese contemporary art.
  • 在进步主义运动之初,政府采取自由放任政策,未能及时地对社会治理需求作出回应。
    At the beginning of the Progressive Movement, the government adopted a Laissez-faire policy and failed to timely make the responsiveness to the needs of treatment of the society.
  • 最起码从最自由放任的现代金融入手,如55万亿美元的信用衍生市场将被纳入管理轨道。
    At a minimum, the most freewheeling areas of modern finance, such as the $55 trillion market for credit derivatives, will be brought into the regulatory orbit.
  • 该镇最出名的人物是亚当•斯密,就是倡导自由放任主义的经济学家暨《国富论》的作者。
    Its most famous son is Adam Smith, the laissez-faire economist and author of The Wealth of Nations.
  • 自由主义关注个人自由和个性,在发展早期,“自由放任”或国家较少干预经济是其特征。
    Liberalism was concerned with freedom and individuality and early on was identified with "laissez faire", or a lack of state intervention in the economy.
  • 因此,他们反对自由放任主义的经济理论,也就是以最低价买进货品,以最高价卖出的理论。
    Thus, they opposed laissez-faire economic theory, which calls for selling at the highest possible price and buying at the lowest possible price.
  • 仆人领导被看作为创造一个自由放任的真空环境,仅仅要求职员或囤积“您认为什麽需要做?
    Servant leadership is seen as creating a laissez-faire vacuum that merely asks the staff or hoard "What do you think needs to be done?"
  • 亚当·斯密在继承前人经济自由思想的基础上,系统地阐述了他的自由放任经济思想的原则。
    Adam · Si Mi is on the foundation with successive forefathers freethinking economy, elaborated the principle of thought of his economy of allowing unrestrained freedom systematically.
  • 自由放任主义政策的时代终结了”,他在土伦说道:“关于市场是全能正确的观点可以停止了。”
    "Laissez-faire is finished, " he declared in Toulon. "The all-powerful market that is always right is finished.
  • 与体制转轨的路径选择相适应,俄罗斯的传媒发展也经历了一个“从自由放任到逐渐有序”的过程。
    To match the choice of the transformation of its political system, the media development in Russia also went through a developing process from "laisser faire to gradual ordering".
  • 作为美国财长,他一直是美国式资本主义的首席布道者,为自由放任主义的“粗暴之爱”提供咨询服务。
    As treasury secretary, he has served as chief proselytizer for American-style capitalism, counseling the tough love of laissez-faire.
  • 奥巴马和希拉里都没有公开对大公司宣战,但是他们都说在过去8年中,对大公司的自由放任将会结束。
    Neither Obama nor Clinton have declared open war on corporations in this country, but each has said that the free ride corporations have had in the last eight years is over.
  • 这些批评者将全球金融危机归因于自由放任理念的失败,也注意到了西方政府对知名金融机构的国有化。
    These critics attribute the global financial crisis mainly to the failure of laissez-faire philosophies, and note Western governments' nationalization of well-known financial institutions.
  • 从一个理想的市场与理想的政府出发来确定市场与政府的有效边界,是自由放任学说和政府干预学说共通的弱点。
    It is a common failing of laissez faire and theory of government intervention that they confirm efficient frontier from a perfect market and a perfect government.
  • 对于英国的自由放任政策怎样应对跨国界能源政治中的明显非自由现状,是见仁见智的问题,但初期迹象并不乐观。
    It is an open question how well Britain's laissez-faire approach will cope with the distinctly illiberal world of cross-border energy politics, but early signs are not encouraging.
  • 德国财政部长施泰因布吕克也强调,美国在次贷危机期间采取的自由放任主义政策“很愚蠢,造成的影响很恶劣”。
    America's laissez-faire ideology, as practised during the subprime crisis, "was as simplistic as it was dangerous, " chipped in Peer Steinbrück, the German finance minister.
  • 经济人的理论 ,功利主义思想 ,自由、平等、效率和自由放任的思想 ,是近代西方经济伦理思想的主要遗产。
    The theory of economic person, utilitarian thought, the thought of free, equal, efficiency and allowing unrestrained freedom, it is the main legacy of thought of ethics of latter-day west economy.
  • 综观世界各国企业登记注册制度的历史演变过程,经历了四个阶段:特许主义、自由放任主义、许可主义、准则主义阶段。
    The evolution history of enterprise registration system of countries all over the world has undergone four phases: namely, Entry with Franchise, Free Entry, Entry with License and Entry with Rule.
  • 大致是这样的:我们一直都知道自由放任市场是个错误,然而我们对其视而不见,现在我们所有人都在为这种宽容付出代价。
    It goes like this. We always knew that unbridled free markets were a mistake, yet we were derided for saying this; and now we are all paying the price for your excesses.
  • 还有,你萨科齐提议“加强监管资本主义,以取代自由放任主义”的想法在被默克尔等人异议时,怎么说也是很重要的一根稻草。
    Also, you Sarkozy proposed "strengthening the supervision of capitalism, to replace the laissez-faire, " the idea of Merkel and others in the dissent, also said how important straw.
  • 这已经引发了对中国自由放任的互联网文化是否应存在合理界限的一些反思,近期的几起诉讼也显示出加强网民行为监管的趋势。
    This has led to some soul-searching about the appropriate limits of China's free-wheeling Internet culture, with a couple of recent lawsuits pointing the way to greater regulation of netizen behavior.
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